475 Pro Series Reverse Osmosis with Booster Pump

Low-cost drinking water solution that removes impurities while leaving healthy nutrients

475 Pro Series Reverse Osmosis with Booster Pump

Main features

  • 75 Gallons Per Day NSF Certified Thin-Film Composite reverse osmosis membrane
  • Five micron sediment per-filter; 10 micron coconut carbon pre & post filters
  • Booster pump model with inlet solenoid raises water pressure to ideal level for rural supplies with low pressure or high TDS
  • 3/8″ tubing for high product flow rates
  • Installation & filter changes are quick and easy
  • Quick change ¼ turn bayonet-style disposable cartridges are more sterile and can be changed in seconds
  • Includes standard chrome faucet, NSF Certified 3.0 gallon storage tank, inlet saddle valve, and 5ft ¼ tubing
  • Two year warranty (excluding consumable cartridges and membrane)

Specs & Details

The 475 Pro Series Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water System removes impurities from your water while leaving healthy nutrients in your water. Removes dangerous and bad-tasting elements from your tap water, making it safe and enjoyable to drink.

  • Booster Pump increases water pressure
  • Bottled water quality right from your won tap
  • Removes 99.9% Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) & impurities as small as an atom!
  • Change filters in seconds without shutting off water…no tools required

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